A warmer, messier future is coming. We can help you prepare.

Co-creating New Horizons in the Modern World

Together with you, we co-create the environmental, climate, and human rights transitions, strategies, and training needed to succeed.

Integrated Strategic Transition Consultancy

ESG, just transition, Paris Agreement, climate & decarbonisation, environmental and social management system, supply chain analysis, and everything in between

Regulatory Compliance, Auditing & Assurance

Performance under AA1000 standards and due diligence; CSRD, CSDDD, TCDF, CDP, GHG Scope 1, 2, and 3 and other acronyms

Climate Finance Technical Support

Environmental and social parts of funding proposals for GCF and ADB; environmental and social screening, stakeholder engagement, monitoring and evaluation, and GESI

Gender-based Boards & Leadership Equity

Strategies, recruitment and retention approaches, and mentorship programmes for individuals, organisations and project-based support

Climate Horizons is a solutions-orientated sustainability consultancy operating in spaces where tough conversations, transitions, and work are made.

We deliver bespoke strategies for organisations and individuals, combining our competencies in mentorship, sustainability, climate change, responsible business, gender, and stakeholder engagement to expertly help you make the right choices for your people, planet, and profits.

Our Story

We are in the business of co-creating and designing solutions for transformational journeys (ours included!). We’ve learned that these aren’t linear, like our organisation and those we support, and neither should they be.

Meet the Change-Makers at Climate Horizons

We’re proud to have a team of passionate individuals shaping a sustainable tomorrow.

Along the way, we’ve begun defining our non-negotiables:

Embracing the complexity of the modern world and getting comfortable navigating within it